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BungusMod Official Bulletin

Post by Mac B on March 24th 2018, 9:41 pm

Some information may be dated (specifically tech costs) but this is usually as up to date as possible for each release.

Civ Bonuses:
As this mod introduces new mechanics and tech lines, some civs will get bonuses based around them.

Vietnamese - Conscripts has 50% more health and move 20% faster

Persians - Fealty is free

Aztecs - Reverence is free (to offset the addition of the tech)


Capital - Building used for researching governments and the future techs
Wizard Shack - Researches sorcery techs and creates wizards.
Mercenary Outpost - Enabled by having nationalism and aristocracy researched or having a team unit that is trained at it. Trains mercenaries (Heavy Axeman and Shock Cavalry)  for nationalism-aristocracy synergies.

Wizard (Bungusmod Quintessential Siege Infantry)
Base HP: 45 (50 with Paganism) (75 with Rituals)
Attack: 80 (110 with Goetia) (200 with Esoteric Order)
Armor: 1/1 (1/2 with Enchantments)
Range: 9 (13 with Runecraft)
Attack rate: 10 (8 with Trance) (13 with Esoteric Order)
Speed: .7

Imperial Phalanx (Oligarchy Nationalism Military Unique, replaces Halberdier)
Base HP: 75
Attack: 8 (+36 against cavalry) (+28 against war elephants) (+17 against camels)
Armor: 1/1
Bonus: Has .2 radius damage, giving large formations of pikemen a deathwall quality against cavalry. (Does NOT stack with Druzhina) (Watch the fuck out Darius III)

Veteran Gladiator (Republic Nationalism Military Unique, replaces Champion)
Base HP: 85
Attack: 14
Armor: 2/1
Bonus: Attacks and moves 10% Faster

Shock Cavalry (Tribes Nationalism Military Unique, Replaces Hussae)
Base HP: 80
Attack: 9 (+6 vs Archers)
Armor: 0/2
Bonus: Moves and attacks faster than Hussar
Cost: 80 Food

Bogenreiter (Tribes Nationalism Military Unique, replaces Heavy Cav Archer)
HP: 70
Attack: 8 (+6 vs Cavalry)
Armor: 1/1
Bonus: moves 7.5% faster, less delay before firing

Landsknecht (Teutons Cultural Dominance OR Nationalism Unique Team Unit)
Base HP: 65
Attack: 7 (Normal cavalry bonuses) (+8 vs gunpowder units
Armor: 0/2
Bonus: Moves 10% faster than a normal pikeman. +7 resistance against anti-infantry/gunpowder attacks. +1 Range
Cost: 35 Food 25 Gold. Trained at Barracks, under halberdier.


The government tech tree begins in the feudal age and ends in imperial.
There are planned to be 4 total government techs per age. The cornerstone of the bungusmod


Feudalism - 500 Food 300 Gold - Farms contain 15 more food, farmers work 10% faster, knights or similar stable units (camels and elephants) made 10% faster  (Edit: I realize that you don't get knights until the next age so this tech is more of an investment)

Republic - 500 Food 300 Stone- Economic-centric techs (does not include blacksmith/fort techs) 20% cheaper. (carries on to imperial age techs) Citizens build 10% faster.

Oligarchy - 600 Food 200 Gold - Foot military units (barracks and range units minus cav archers) Made 10% faster, Blacksmith techs 15% cheaper

Tribes - - 300 Food 500 Wood Hunters/Foragers/Sheperds/Fishermen work 10% faster, civilians get a small hp bonus, palisade walls provide more defense.  In Imperial age, palisade walls provide as much protection as non-upgraded stone walls. (looking at you, goths)


Monarchy - 800 Food 1000 Gold - Knights/Camels/Battle Elephants units cost 15 less gold. Castle Techs are 15% cheaper, does not extend to unique techs.

Democracy - 1000 Food 800 Stone - All workers (minus hunters/shepherds) now work with more efficiency and move faster. (similar to an eco upgrade) Remaining civic and eco techs 20% faster to research.

Theocracy - 1000 Food 800 Gold - Monasteries and blacksmiths work 2x faster. Foot units 15% cheaper.

Dynasty- 1000 Stone 1200 Gold - Your unique unit is 15% cheaper and made 15% faster, your unique tech's and upgrade tech's cost is reduced by 20% if you haven't researched them yet.

Anarchy - 2000 Food - All techs are henceforth 25% more expensive but your citizens become war weathered. (+5 hp +1 melee armor +3 attack) Gold cost of siege weapons reduced by 20% (excluding trebs). Foot units are made 10% faster

Two government researches required. Only one can be researched per player per game, are immensely expensive, and aimed at games going beyond an hour and a half

Cultural Dominance - 7000 Food, 2500 Gold - Your civ bonuses are enhanced, unlocks a third unique tech.
Cultural Dominance Effects:

Cultural Dominance Chart
Britons get +1 range and attack on archers, massive blast from trebs
Byzantines: 35% cheaper skirms and spearmen, total of 50%+ building health
Celts: Siege fires 30% faster and has +10% hp
Chinese: Chu ko nu get +1 projectile. Great wall effect increased to 40%. Your team gets a 5% discount for technologies.
Franks: Castles 30% cheaper, cavalry gets a total of +30% hp
Goths: Infantry 40% cheaper. +10 population. Barracks built 50% faster.
Japanese: Infantry attacks 35% faster. Fishing ships work 30% faster
Mongols: Cav archers fire 30% faster. Light Cavalry have +40% HP.
Persians,: tcs and docks 3x hp and work 50% faster
Saracens: galleys attack 30% faster. Transport ships another +5 capacity. Camels +10 hp.
Teutons: Enable Landsknecht, farms half cost, castles get +1 range and +3 attack
Turks: Gunpowder units have 30%+ HP
Vikings: Infantry has +30% hp, warships cost 30% less
Aztecs: Military units created 25% faster
Huns: Trebs are 45% more accurate. Cav archers are 30% cheaper and move 10% faster.
Koreans: Fortifications and mangonels get another+1 range
Mayans: Archers 35% cheaper, eagle scouts get another+10 health. Obsidian arrow bonus gets +2
Spanish: Villagers get +1/1 armor, +2 attack, and build 10% faster. Conquistadors get +1 range.
Inca: Buildings cost 25% less stone, kamayuks get +1/2 armor and +3 attack
Indians: Villagers are 30% cheaper, camels get +1/1 additional armor.
Italians: Gunpowder units 30% cheaper. Trade units cost 1/4 of their normal cost.
Magyars: Light cavalry 25% cheaper and moves 10% faster. Cavalry and infantry get +1 attack.
Slavs: Siege weapons are 25% cheaper,  druzhina radius increased by 10%
Berbers: Stable units 30% cheaper. Camels regenerate faster.
Ethiopians: Archers fire 25% faster, torsion engine blast radius increased by 20%
Malians: Infantry get +1 pierce armor, buildings cost 25% less wood
Portugese: Ships have +20% HP, units cost 20% less gold.
Burmese: Infantry get +1 Attack, cavalry get +1 melee armor and +2 vs buildings
Khmer: Battle Elephants 25% faster and get +2 attack.
Malay: BEs are 30% cheaper and get +1 melee armor. Karambits get +1 attack, transport ships move 20% faster
Vietnamese: Archery range units get +30% HP, BEs get +10 HP, when Cultural dominance is researched, all allies get 1000 Gold.

Cultural Dominance 3rd Unique Techs:

Britons: City Rights - TCs get +3 range and +1000 HP. Your team collects another factor of tax

Byzantines: Caesarian Tactics - Palisade walls built 80% faster, towers 20% cheaper

Celts: Gallowglass - Infantry get +1/1 armor

Chinese: Fire Lances - Chu Ko Nu and Fire Lances get a bonus against buildings/affected by arson

Franks: Inquisitors - Cavalry get a massive bonus against wizards and monks

Goths: - Rebellion - Taxation scales with buildings razed

Japanese: Ashigaru - Pikemen get +3 attack and another +3 vs cavalry

Mongols: Mergejilten - Cav archers +6 vs buildings, siege weapons fire marginally faster

Persians: Naphtha - Fireships get +2 melee attack

Saracens: Mullahs / Sufism - units become very difficult to convert

Teutons: Furor Teutonicus - Siege Onagers fire 50% more projectiles

Turks: Akinji -  Light Cavalry affected by arson (OR bonus vs villagers)

Vikings: Muiscara - Berserkers attack 10% faster

Aztecs: Quetzalcoatl - Infantry get a bonus against defensive garrisons (towers, castles)

Huns: Scourge of God - All units do +8 to buildings

Koreans: Hwacha - Siege onagers also deal pierce damage and get a large bonus vs ships

Mayans: Balamob - Eagle warriors can be trained at TCs and get a bonus vs gunpowder units

Spanish: Reconquista - Buildings converted much faster

Inca: Illapa - villagers attack 30% faster, affected by arson, and can be trained from barracks

Indian: Poisoned Arrows - Archers and garrisons +3 attack

Italians: Papacy - Monks cost 30% less

Magyars: Black Army - Enables gunpowder units

Slavs: Son of the Dragon - Siege rams +5 garrison, onagers affected by ballistics. Palisade walls become impaled corpses.

Berbers:  Imams - Monks get +15 hp

Ethiopians: Kaskara - Infantry +1 attack, +2 vs cavalry

Malians: Sofa - Champions cost 15% less food

Portugese: Research This Tech To Win -  Castles fire bombards

Burmese: Pwe-Kyaeung - Arambai attain 45% accuracy

Khmer: Angkor - Buildings Cost 15% less resources

Malay: Pengawal Pantai - Harbors fire doubly faster

Vietnamese: Black Rain - Rattan archers can move through trees

Nationalism - same cost as cultural dominance - Your Government's bonuses are enhanced (applies for both govts except tribes) and imperial govts get an additional bonus except for dynasty
Nationalism Government Effects:
Nationalism Chart

Feudalism: Stable units made 20% faster, farms carry another +15% food.

Republic: Techs 5% cheaper. Workers carry 15% more.

Oligarchy: Foot units made 20% faster and move +10% faster. Halberdiers upgraded to imperial halberdiers/imperial phalanxes (essentially a champion version of halberdiers)

Tribes: citizens get +10 health (for a total of 60) and +3 attack. palisade walls provide as much defense as fully upgraded stone walls.

Monarchy: Stable units get +1 attack, get minor trample damage (1/2 of a cataphract's) and cost 5 less gold. You collect another factor of tax.

Democracy: You benefit from essentially another economy tech from each gathering. (More food in farms, woodcutting and mining 10% faster) Buildings get +15% hp

Theocracy: You get double gold from relics, Monk faith regenerates faster. Infantry is 20% cheaper, monasteries work 3x faster.

Dynasty:  Your UU 20% cheaper and made 25% faster

Anarchy doesn't benefit from nationalism
Note: the values listed here unless otherwise stated aren't an increase from the base value in the governments above. For example the bonus of Theocracy making infantry 20% cheaper is a flat rate of 20% and doesn't stack up to 30. The same applies to the cultural dominance effect

Revolution - same cost again - Choose a second imperial age government

Monuments - 10000 Wood and 2000 stone - Buildings are built in 1/4 of the time. Building costs are halved. Buildings have 30% more health.

Metallurgy - same as monuments - Gunpowder units are made faster and fire 5% faster. Hand cannoneers get +1 range, los, and attack. All military units benefit from what would be a next evolution in their blacksmith technology. (+1/2 armor/pierce, +2 attack for infantry/cav, +1 attack and +1 range for archers)


Banditry - 100 Gold 175 Food - Melee units do bonus damage against caravans and citizens
Generals - 300 Gold 200 Food - Infantry moves and attacks 10% faster

Researching sorcery lets you make wizards (300 food 250 gold) at the castle that hurl siege fireballs, theyre basically like a weaker trebuchet that doesn't need to be packed. Researching sorcery disables chemistry. To help even the ground a bit, it also unlocks a few techs that make it possible to go against chemistry enemies, and each tech is effectively an upgrade of the base sorcery tech.
Sorcery - 800 Food 500 Gold - Unlocks wizards
Civ Sorcery Tech - If your civ has a unique sorcery tech it appears here
Runecraft - 250 Gold 200 Stone - Wizard attack range increased by 3, blast radius increased by .2
Trance - 300 Gold 100 food - Wizards attack 2 seconds faster (reload time of 10 to 8)
Goetia - 800 Gold - Wizards get an attack boost (From 80 damage to 110)
(These techs are all needed to unlock Hermetic study, which unlocks the last techs in the tree)
Hermetic Study- 500 Food 250 Gold - Wizards' training time cut down by 20% and cost 100 less food
The last three techs in this tree are elective, picking one cancels the other.
Enchantments - 500 Food 1000 Gold - Infantry gets +5 resistance against anti-infantry attacks. Wizards get +1 pierce armor.
Paganism - 1000 Food 500 Wood - Wizards get an HP buff. (+5) Your team's standard infantry return 1/4 of resources when they die.
Esoteric Order - 1000 Food 500 stone - Wizards take 4 seconds longer to attack but it's much more devastating. (200 damage, area of effect increased)

Aztecs can't research Enchantments. Mongols, Franks, and Teutons can't research Paganism. Franks, Saracens, Turks, and Teutons can't research Goetia.

Civ Sorcery Techs:
Celts - Druidic Lore - 600 Food 300 Gold - Sorcerer techs 25% cheaper
Aztecs - Rituals - 700 Food 300 Gold - Fully upgraded wizards get a total of 75 health (+25 health)
Huns - Seers - 700 Wood 150 Stone - Sorcerers fire more accurately at moving targets (basically ballistics)
Mongols - Tengriism - same as sorcery - Replaces sorcery. Sorcerers can transform into wolves, but fire treb shots instead of fireballs

Tax System and other civic techs
Researched at the town center starting in feudal age
Fealty 150 food 100 gold (Feudal age) - House tax provides 9 gold per minute per 10 houses (18/20 houses, 36/40 houses, 72/80 houses)
Vassals 300 food 200 gold (Castle age) - House tax provides 27 gold per minute per 10 houses (54/20 houses 100 pop, 108/40 houses 200 pop, 216/80 houses 400 pop)
Kingdoms 1000 Food 300 Gold (Imperial Age)- House tax provides 61 gold per minute per 10 houses (122/20 houses 100 pop, 244/40 houses 200 pop, 488/80 houses 400 pop)
Empire (Imperial Age) 2000 Food 1000 Gold - House tax provides 82 gold per minute per 10 houses (164/20 houses or 100 pop, 328/40 houses or 200 pop, 656/80 houses, or 400 pop)

Portugese cannot research Taxation. In place of this tech tree, they can research techs to increase the gold output of their feitorias (roughly to the effect of vassals or kingdoms with 4 or 5 feitorias.)

Except Aztecs, Native American civs cannot research taxation. However in the castle and imperial age,
they can research Bison and Arrowheads, which provide an income of stone and food between the income of vassals and kingdoms.

(Note:If I'm gonna implement a system that gives people an effectively endless amount of gold and have some civs not be able to research it, then they're going to get compensation of some kind. The way I see it, with stone being the most expensive resource this is a good way to even it out, enabling american civs to sell excess stone or be able to make fortifications faster.)

Goths and Vikings can research taxation up to Kingdoms.

Persians get free Fealty when feudal age is researched. Britons get free Kingdoms when it is available

Huns' taxation techs makes taxation scale with razed buildings. Goths have a similar tech as their cultural dominance third unique tech that makes taxation scale with military units.

Post-Chemistry Technologies
To balance the addition of sorcery, researching chemistry unlocks several new techs. It initially unlocks three techs;
Explosives - Petards and siege weapons get increased blast radius. (+.5 petard, +.2 for Trebuchet +.2 Onager +.2 bombard cannon.)

Preservatives - Infantry and cavalry cost 5% less food.

Medicine - Garrisons heal at x2.5 rate

Researching one unlocks it's next respective evolution, but only one out of the following three may be researched;

Saboteurs - Infantry do 20% more damage towards buildings, petards get immense blast radius and get +50% base attack.

Fertilizer - Farms cost 5 less wood and hold 15% more food.

Field Medics - Monks move and heal 20% faster

Monastery Techs

Reverence - Relics generate 25% more gold.

Canonization - Relics generate an additional 25% more gold.

Other Techs

Grain Bill - Byzantine Unique Technology - House tax also collects food at 1/2 or 1/3 of efficiency. Requires Empire.

Colonialism - 300 Gold 300 Food - Transport ships get +50% health and +1/1 armor. Town Centers Cost 50 stone and are built 20% faster. Requires Kingdoms.

Paper Money increases the work rate of Markets by 25% (affects trade unit production and research at market)

Atheism makes units hard to convert

Upon researching Cultural Dominance, Teutons enable the landsknecht team unit which is effectively the condottiero version of the halberdier.

Manipur Cavalry gives another +1 attack to buildings to counteract the nulling brought on by architecture techs

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Re: BungusMod Official Bulletin

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