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Post by alyaza on March 18th 2017, 9:41 am

the greatest mistake never (technically) realized

this shit was going to be a tumblr comic and then a video series

TW: pony autism:

Classic Sonic - 2S2S005000002982FE00000400000BA2BUN1837000000000X0002982FF7FFF00107F3FCC004CB2
RTCity - 2S2S006000FECB87FFC49D004003F3500UN1837104000001P07F3FCCFF7FFF0000CC9F3F004CB2
Dogman328 - 2S2S007000FEE49EFFC49D0000000BB96UN1837104000000C0683F00FF7FFF00107F3FCC004CB2
McKailey - 2S2S000000FEDB9CFFC49D002013A2510TL1837000000000Y0161511FF7FFF04107F3FCC004CB2
Ratiosu - 2V2P005200FEFEFEFFC49D00000006EFEUN1837104020000D10000005190FC0V107F3FCC004CB2
MegaRBLX - 2S2S004000FEFEFE0000000200000BB96UN1837001000000D0000000FF7FFF00107F3FCC004CB2
Fuzzedice - 2S2S000100FFFFFEFEE4D4001012F327CUN1837000000000P10051FE91E0FE0N117F3FCC004CB2




Classic Sonic-









Classic Sonic-

Special talents:
RTCity: Being bisexual
Ratiosu: Not completely sucking at Trauma Center
MegaRBLX: Not making his mind up about anything
Fuzzeedice: Tieing things up
McKailey: Sex
Dogman: Being sarcastic
Classic Sonic: Being a sonicfag or something

joke comic:
TW: more pony autism:
Pegasus Device-

Luna Tox-

Off Topic Spinoffs, Off Topic Spinoffs
Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahhh…..

(Off Topic Spinoffs)
I used to wonder what retardation could be
(Off Topic Spinoffs)
Until you all shared its magic with me

Big flamewars

Tons of rage

A horrible forum

Moronic and Corrupt

Sharing idiocy

It's an easy feat
And poor moderation makes it all complete

You have Off Topic Spinoffs
Do you know you're all faggots?

Episode One: The Idiot On the Moon

"Long ago, in the world of some shitty place called Off Topic Bunker..."

*page flip*

"...there were a bunch of stupid ass forumers, or "OTBers" as a common called name, that lived in that hellhole in harmony*..."

"( tiny text ) *harmony: flaming the living fuck out of each other"

*page flip*

"...their so called 'ruler', RainbowDash101, graciously watched his people from his bathtub throne, where he and guy who are totally not in any form of a relationship together, uh, RTCity, reside in the Main Forum's Castle."

*page flip*

"All was well until one day, Lu-I mean, RTCity questioned Rainbow's administation skills and was hoping to utilize a way to "improve" said skills. But, Rainbow declined to offer, and sent him to the moon, where RTCity holds his inner rage towards his co-worker....ruler...mod pony guy thing."

*page flip*

"And ever since, Rainfag has never spoken a single word about that day with RTCunt.

...until the bitch came back one day telling RD101 about burning this forum to the ground and giving it hell or some shit like that and making a newer, better forum. Unfortunately for him, he got his ass sent back to the moon with the Elements of Harmony, never to be heard from again."

*page flip*

"And thus, RainragebowDash101 *moderated the forums in solitude, more than likely not regretting anything that he's done because he is a badass and don' need no help from nobody."



Fuzzee: ... * closes the book, giving a confused look *

*insert main theme here*

* main theme fades away*

December 10th, 2011

( Fuzzee is shown walking around the main forum's streets )

Poni 1: And then I said, "HEY YOU DUMBASS! GET YOUR ASS OFF OF THE WINDOW!" And what I didn't realize was-

Poni 2: Was that he was glued to the window. You told me this story LAST WEEK.

Poni 1: I did?

* 1 turns his head towards the other side of the road, towards Fuzzee, who's beginning to pass by *

Poni 1: Hey, beautiful. How's it hangin'?

Fuzzee: Go find some other whore to choke on your dick. This one's taken.

Poni 1: Hey, hey. Feisty one, ain'tcha? I just wanted to kno-

Fuzzee: That's none of your concern! I have buisness to tend to at the Castle.

Poni 1: Yeah, just lemme know when I'm up next in line, Hun.

* Fuzzee halts for a moment and kicks 1, knocking him out, gives a annoyed look to 2 and walks away *


( Fuzzee is now shown walking towards her room in the castle, throwing her bag to her bed )

Fuzzee: This town's filled with nutjobs. Everyone I see wants to hit on me. And I can't even find a single damn person who actually makes any sense here at all! Some well deserved time to rest with my special someone should get that off of my mind. Isn't that right my little Twily?

* Fuzzee levitates a small Twilight Sparkle-looking doll with a ( CENSORED ) drawn on a post-it in the lower area of the doll *

* Forum Gaurd walks in *

Gaurd: Excuse me, Fuzzee. If you would KINDLY stop talking to your self...

* Fuzzee doesn't notice the Gaurd at her door, giggling while playing with her doll *

* The Gaurd knocks are the door, making Fuzzee lose her hypnotic spell towards the doll *

Fuzzee: Hey! Can't you see I'm busy?

Gaurd: Quite sorry, dear, but the administrator would like to have a moment to talk to you in the throne room.

Fuzzee: He couldn't get his ass out of his damn tub just to speak with me?

Guard: I'm afraid so. It's rulers like him that makes OTB wonderful, no?

Fuzzee: *sigh* I'll be on my way.

* Fuzzee looks towards the doll *

Fuzze: And I'll get back to you, later.


* Fuzze is shown walking around the halls to the throne room *

Fuzzee: ( I wonder what this oh so magnificent ruler would want to say to me now? I've already declined his moderator offer and HE'S STILL ISN'T PAYING ANY ATTENTION TO THE FORUM! It makes me wonder what goes through his head sometimes. )

* cuts to Charon Macaron *

Fuzzee: ( On second thought, maybe I already know the answer. )

* Fuzzee has now reached the door to the throne room, opening it and it shows two guards along with RD moving a chair *

RD: To the left! * pushing sounds * No wait, to the right! * more pushing sounds* A little more to the...left. * more pushing sounds * And to the right! * more pushing sounds *

Guard: ...but that's where we had it in beginning!

RD: It is? Well in that case to the- * notices Fuzzee standing by the door * Wait, she's here. You two can go.

* The Guards leave the throne room, screaming in joy as Fuzzee walks into the throne room *

Fuzzee: Hey, Rainbow. You wanted to talk to me?

RD: Oh, yeah, yeah. About that... * motions for Fuzzee to sit down, and she does so * I was sitting out here in the throne room all day trying to get this tub to move so I could get a new tub. And I ordered a few guards to bring up the old couch I had and I-

Fuzzee: What does that have to do with anything right now?

RD: I'm getting there! So then...

* 20 minutes later *

RD: And after nearly getting my ass thrown out of Wal-Mart, I was thinking that you could use some friends, since you're cooped in your room all day doing who knows what with that silly little doll of yours.

Fuzzee: * half asleep * Yeah...frien's n' odder stuff...yeah.

RD: So, are you gonna do it?

Fuzzee: Yeah, sure. Whatevs.

RD: Good! Now here's what I need you to do...

* RD takes out a scroll that rolls down the throne room, Fuzzee didn't mind at all, being bored to death *

RD: You need to, as written on the scroll: Give me a letter with the status of the forums, make friends, stop tyranny with the Elements of Harmony...

* 2 hours later, Fuzzee is now asleep *

RD: ...and break the 4th wall. Got that?

Fuzzee: *asleep *

RD: Off you go then!

* The camera pans out to the outside of the castle with a good view of the Main Forum, as Fuzzee is thrown out of the window and down to the ground*

* Seconds pass by and a suitcase is thrown down upon Fuzzee's head, along with the Twilight doll thing, a shopping list and $60 *

RD: * shouting * Oh and if you're okay with this, can you get me some stuff for my tub?! I could really use some! Especially the scrungies! Thankies!

Fuzzee: *moan and sigh*


* Fuzzee is then shown slowly riding down the hot air balloon *

* What she doesn't realize is the moon slowly going down from the sky, and it's daytime *

Fuzzee: ...Why am I doing this?

* Fuzzee levitates the price of paper and a map *

Fuzzee: Oh, right. Well, in that case I should be here any minute now.

* The balloon slowly descends onto the ground, but a faint scream is heard underneath. Fuzzee ignores the scream, carries her belongings and steps off of the ride. *

Fuzzee: Well, here I am! Now, there market should be about...let's see...

* A blue pony looks at the map, being noisy. Fuzzee doesn't notice. *

Fuzzee: About 3 blocks to the west of my new home. That shouldn't be

* Classic Sonic heavily breathes next to Fuzzee. Fuzzee stops and looks right next to her, the other pony shines a large smile on his face. *

Fuzzee: Uh...


* Classic runs off in a direction ahead of Fuzzee, a trail of dust following each step he made. *

Fuzzee: ...fucking weirdo. Wonder who that creep was.

* At the market, Fuzzee enters the store and looks around to see isles of food, medicine, shampoo, soap and other items. A stallion sleeps over the cash register. Fuzzee, deciding it would be good enough to ask him for help, pokes him on the nose. *

Fuzzee: Um...excuse me? I need some help.

Dogman: ...why don't you go ask someone else? I'm on my break.

Fuzzee: Really?

Dogman: Oh, no. Absolutely not. I'm clearly on duty, with my baggy uniform, clearly happy face and I will personally hesitate to assist you in leaving!

Fuzzee: ...are you-

Dogman: YES! Yes, I'm being sarcastic. It took you until now to realize that?

Fuzzee: Well, how was I supposed to know, you were as legit as fucking ever! Just come on and help me pick out some things on this shopping list for Rainbow Dash.

Dogman: Wait? Rainbow Dash? As in, the dipshit that can't properly moderate a forum Rainbow Dash?

Fuzzee: Yes?

Dogman: Do you happen to work for her or anything?

Fuzzee: No, I'm his Trial Mod. I'm just learning the basics.

Dogman: I pity you. Spending every day of your life with a buffoon of a administrator, I'm surprised how you haven't killed yourself.

Fuzzee: Believe me, even I'm worried about that. But, are you going to at least help me find some things for him or...

Dogman: Yeah, yeah, just hurry up, uh...

Fuzzee: My Name's Fuzzedice. You can just call me Fuzzee.

Dogman: Dogman. Hurry it up, I don't have all day. Oh and DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT SHOP LIFTING! I've got cameras all over the place!

* Fuzzee walks into an isle and notices a pack full of cameras on everything and EVERYTHING in that isle. *

Fuzzee: ...Talk about security.


* As Fuzzee, leaves, a black and white pegasus stallion comes crashing down into the supermarket, causing a ruckus of complaining from Dogman and the other pony. *

Dogman: What the FUCK? I just got this place cleaned a week ago, dumbass!

Mega: You think I give a shit, Fagman? I'll keep fucking your shit up until you get my game back, fucknugget!

Dogman: Oh for the LOVE OF SOME HIGHER BEING! That's it, I'm calling the cops!

Mega: Yeah, fat fucking chance, asspenis.

* Mega looks over to Fuzzee, who stands there in confusion. *

Mega: ...who the fuck are you?

Fuzzee: I should be asking you that.

Mega: Are you getting smart with me?

Fuzzee: That depends on your definition of smart.

* Dogman walks over to Fuzzee and
Mega. *

Dogman: Ugh, don't mind this idiot. He does that every week on the same day at the same time.

Fuzzee: ...why?

Dogman: He says he's looking for some stupid video game that's supposed to be rare.

Mega: It's not just any video game dipshit. It's the RAREST. Out of every rare video game, this one had to be the best. And they say it was so damn good that it nearly killed a person, which is why it only had one copy in stock. ONE. And I'm taking the risk. I'm gonna be the best motherfucking MLG pro there ever fucking was!

* Dogman yawns and Fuzzee only stares. *

Mega: Well, I think I said enough. I'm not paying for your shitty store until you get my game. Get on my level, fags.

* Mega dashes away, flies back to make another hole and flies away again. *

Fuzzee: ...asshole.

Dogman: You have no idea. Just be glad that you don't work there.

Fuzzee: Yeah, it must be though dealing with him, right?

Dogman: No, not really. Some others are worse.

Fuzzee: Like who?

Dogman: If you meet them, you'll know.

Fuzzee: Well, I'll see you around, uh...

Dogman: Dogman.

Fuzzee: It was nice meeting you.

* Fuzzee walks away, heading over to town *


[ funpost Town Central ]

* Fuzzee is shown walking into town, whilst forumers all around are either walking around, talking, or just relaxing. *

Fuzzee: ...this place reeks of stupid. But, it looks as if I'll fit right in.

* A book falls down in front of Fuzzee. *

Fuzzee: Yes, I'll fit in just fine.

* While happening to walk through the town, Fuzzee manages to bump into a white unicorn stallion, making them both fall flat. *

Ratiosu: Hey. Watch where you're going.

Fuzzee: Maybe you should watch where you're going first, asshole.

Ratiosu: Asshole. Ha ha. Real fucking original.

Fuzzee: Hey, if you're going to insult me, you might as well show you can, you dick!

Ratiosu: I would if I cared. You're not even worth my time.

Fuzzee: Then what is?

Ratiosu: Anything that isn't you.

Fuzzee: Do you have any idea who you're talking to? I am, sadly, Rainbow Dash's trial mod and I REQUEST THAT-

Ratiosu: Wait. You're the trial mod. To Rainbow Dash, right.

Fuzzee: The very same!

* Ratiosu manages to lowers his head. *

Ratiosu: I really don't care for others, but even I feel bad for you.

Fuzzee: I get that a lot. But...why?

Ratiosu: Who would want to be a trial mod to one of the worst faces on this forum. And the fact that he rules this place makes it even worse.

Fuzzee: I see. I'm Fuzzeedice. Or just Fuzzee if you please.

Ratiosu: Ratiosu. Now if you will excuse me, I have buisness to tend to.

* Ratiosu walks away and carries out his 3DS, returning to play Mighty Switch Force! *

Fuzzee: This place is getting too weird for me.


* Fuzzee walks over to her house...tree. *

Fuzzee: If my map's right, then my house should be

* She looks up to the tree in annoyance. *

Fuzzee: ...You know what? I'm not even going to fucking ask.

* Hours later, Fuzzee is shown on her bed, sleeping, but suddenly the front door opens. *

* Whispers are heard downstairs and
"boxes" are being brought in. *

* Suddenly the sound of more people coming in is made, a nd then they begin to cheer and party. Fuzzee, startled by the noise, wakes up. *

Fuzzee: ...what the hell?

* The scene shifts to when she walks downstairs, looking at the crowd of ponies cheering a familiar looking blue pony on. *


* The blue pony is shown drinking a bottle of soda, beside him are multiple empty bottles on the table. After a few moments, he's finished and the crowd cheers. On the other side of the table is Mega, also finishing a bottle of soda on the exact ( or near exact ) same time. *

Classic: I...* He burps. * FUCKin' TOOLD yer ass I was gonna win!

Mega: Faggot, you didn't even do SHIT. I won that round and you know it!

Classic: What the fuck makes you think that? I was the one...THE one who got the most sodas downed out.

Mega: Yeah, you down out the sodas like you down out Sonic's dick. Fast, like your blue lover!

* The crowd "Ooh"s and looks at the two, possibly getting ready for a fight. *

Classic: * enraged * For the last time, I DON'T SUCK SONIC'S DICK YOU FU-* he burps again * MOTHER FUCKER.

* Mega knocks over the bottles from the table and "stands" up over it. *

Mega: Wanna bet that on round two, hedgewhore?

* Classic, without saying a word, gets out another tray of soda bottles from underneath the table, causing the crowd to "Ooh" some more. *

Classic: Alright. Bring it on.

* Suddenly, another pony comes up to break the two from getting at each other. He begins to pick up the trash and settles the two down. *

Blitz: H-hey, hey! Cool it you two. We don't want things to get messy here. So, remember: clean fight. No bottles getting thrown, no punches, no kicks, no drugs...

Mega: TO HELL WITH YOUR RULES! Time to show this true blue clown who he's fuckin' messing with.

* Blitz sighs and signals for the two to go and looks up from the ceiling to find a curious mare peeking down from the stairs, catching his attention. He begins to trot over to the stairs and looks up. *

Blitz: Enjoying the party so far?

Fuzzee: I...don't know what to say. The party is...interesting. But, this is MY HOUSE! Why are you all of a sudden throwing a party in MY HOUSE?!

* The music suddenly stops and everyone looks up towards Fuzzee. A moment of silence is had between the partygoers and the homeowner. *

Fuzzee: ...WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU PEOPLE?! And who thought it would be a good idea to bring all of you to MY HOUSE?!

* The crowd just points at Classic Sonic, still drinking his soda. Dogman steps over to Classic and positions his head upwards towards Fuzzee. *

Classic: Uh...He-eey there, lady! This...isn't what it looks like. It's all actually a...HOUSEWARMING! Yeah, housewarmin'. We're keepin' the place nice and warm for ya-


Classic: Okay, okay, we're havin' a party. But, I'm sorry, I just can't help it, man! You know what? Here! Have a soda! It's...on the house?

Fuzzee: I don't want your damn soda. I want you and the rest of your crazy friends to get out of my house! Right now, or I'm calling security! *

* Silence is had for a few seconds, until laughter is heard from Classic Sonic, frantically falling off his chair. After a few minutes, the rest of the crowd joined in, laughing for a good five minutes. Dogman heads up the stairs and shoves Blitz out of the way. He stands next to Fuzzee. *

Dogman: Those don't exist here, Fuzzee. The administration here is so bad we don't even get any protection anywhere that isn't the Main Forum. Thanks to Rainbow Faggot, that is.

MegaRBLX: Heil Rainfag! Ruler of the autists!

Blitz: W-well, he could do better. He has potential!

Ratiosu: Yeah. The potential of a tub. Even after he takes a shower, he still reeks of semen.

Classic: Heh. Yeah! I heard he stinks so-

Crowd: Shut up, Classic.

Fuzzee: Well, each and every one of you has a valid point. Except for...this other guy right next to me.

* Blitz tries to speak, but Dogman places his hoof over Blitz's mouth. *

Fuzzee: Seeing as how I've spent most of my life with him, what can I say? Also, you, blue guy. You're getting fined.

Classic: Aw, what?

Fuzzee: But, now, I must ask for you all to go. I need to sleep so I can work on this whole duty Rainbow Dash gave me. But, the ones who I want to stay shall do so. Please be sure to hit the blue one on the way out.

* The party goers walk out of Fuzzee's home, each of them laughing and hitting Classic Sonic on the way out. One last pony leaves a note on the hedgehog fanatic and snickers off. It reads: "kick the furfag". Mega, with the note catching his eye, happily kicked Classic Sonic and trotted off over to Fuzzee. Classic, dazed, heads over to the others. *

Fuzzee: Are you guys the stars of the place?

Classic: Nah. We just know people. least everyone knows me. I think...

Fuzzee: How so, exactly?

Dogman: Well, we all happen to know a good amount of people. I know some friends, Ratiosu knows fri-

Ratiosu: Acquaintances.

Dogman: Yes, Ratiosu, it obviously makes a difference. Blitz, Classic and Mega here. Well, let's assume they have friends. But, we are, truly, one big happy family.

Mega: Fuck you.

Fuzzee: Oh. Well, then. Care if I join this "family"? Rainbow Dash said I had to make friends or some other crap.

Blitz: Other crap...what do you mean?

* The group is brought to a shock when the moon is seen heading down. But, what's more peculiar is that the moon was nearing Rainbow Dash's castle. On the moon, a face thought only to be myth has finally made its return... *

??????: Judgement Day.
dogman's autismium album:

you can basically thank c sonic being a lazy nuggah at the time for why this never happened

thanks, c sonic!

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Post by oaky on March 18th 2017, 10:35 am

i dont follow these prehistoric antics

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Post by alyaza on March 18th 2017, 10:41 am

oaky wrote:i dont follow these prehistoric antics
the long and short of it was on OTB at some point c sonic and dogman and probably a few other people came up with this great idea to make a series about OTx but with ponies because this was OTB and eventually it came to be OTB/OTx the series

that's about it in the way of history about it because nothing happened besides everything you see here

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Post by GRYPHON DEFENDER ALYAZA on March 18th 2017, 10:44 am

i think i vaguely remember that comic


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Post by alyaza on March 18th 2017, 11:03 am

Me Roblox Games wrote:i think i vaguely remember that comic
it's one of mega's

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Post by PrinCS Daisy on March 19th 2017, 8:56 am

sometimes i try to forget

it never works

i'm sorry

rock over, london
rock on, chicago
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Post by alyaza on March 19th 2017, 10:16 am

at least you only produced a shitty script and not actual comics smrt

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Post by Mac B on March 21st 2017, 8:26 pm

rt you need to go to las vegas, gamble, get aids from a hooker, and get the shit beaten out of you and sent on your sorry ass back home with everyone in criminal underground vegas knowing you as the fuckin nerd who writes mlp fanfics
Mac B

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