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Post by alyaza on October 22nd 2014, 4:08 pm

I would go into Gmod servers and force everyone in them to crash to desktop using a bugged texture. It might be fixed now, not sure.
>enter server
>voicechat booming with 12 whiney 12 year olds and neckbear admins
>spawn chair, texture it with the iconic black and purple checkers
>suddenly all is still and everything is quiet, as if time had stopped
>some try to rejoin very quickly, only to never move from the spawn
>check later, 0 players online.
It was nearly impossible to tell it was me if I was secretive about it.

>gmod 9
>when Lua viruses were the big new thing
>learn all the marks the viruses put on servers
>write a plugin that adds all those marks to my server
>plugin also has every lua virus' login command hooked to a new function
>some faggot joins
>says I'm a faggot and he runs the show now
>puts in the concommand for one of the viruses
>gets frozen in place
>screen covered in multicolor pictures of gman
>sound is spammed with max volume sounds of gman talking
>giant overlay of "faggot" appears over his head
>everyone in the server notified via chat
>all his keys are unbound
>he has to alt+f4 out

>Friend mad at some dickhead admin of server community
>Server is hosted on gameservers
>Assumed retard admin was too stupid to change his default rcon/ftp password
>check the gameservers account ID of the server
>all gameservers servers default their ftp and rcon password to the account ID
>access the ftp
>insert malicious plugin that gives me full admin and immunity
>toss in a few other fun plugins by merging them with the core sourcemod plugins
>playing there afterwards
>admin getting visibly buttfrustrated at me micspamming
>tries to mute me and nothing happens
>tries to ban me while talking shit
>plugin coats him in jarate
>gaben "welcome to team fortress 2" commentary file spammed to him

>wotlk wow
>friday night
>decide to attack SW with about 15 others bro
>we're geared in pvp to the teeth
>make our way to the AH and bank area
>city is populated as fuck but most are pve/undergeared
>1 hour later
>corpses and skeletons covering the ground, can hardly see the textures
>decide to create a few level 1 alts on trial accounts to read general/trade chat in sw
>crying, bitching, "reporting", etc.
>people spamming raid advertisements to defeat us
>we're still holding out, no deaths yet
>we continue this for about 3 more hours (it was friday and most of our guild members had no lives, including myself)
>almost died a few times to a 30 man raid full of undergeared and pve players
>they eventually give up
>the ground looks like a bath of bones and corpses
>people eventually stop trying to kill us and head to ironforge
>we keep doing it anyway
>get a message from a mod later about how world pvp is permitted, but persistent griefing for hours on end is unacceptable
>forced to leave

>playing Ragnarok Online
>there's a certain boss (MVP) that requires 4 people to do a 1-3 hour quest (it's based on drops)
>friends and i spend 1.5 hours doing it
>we finally finish
>little shits that hang out in town try to take the portal that opens to the boss before us
>we all get there
>the boss kills us because of all the pvp fighting
>for some reason the portal closes
>they laugh at us over chat
>i report them to the GM
>he tells me to get over it, it's not like i was an important member of the server or anything
>one of my friends quits playing that day because it was such a waste
>i swear revenge
>i make a girl character, start talking to the kids
>their guild is really tight-nit
>i target the youngest one
>i make him believe i really like him and that i would love to be part of his guild
>he spends a whole day whining to his older brother, the guild leader, to let me in
>the guild leader is hesitant, since their guild is near the top in ranking
>he lets me in after i show him i'm pretty decent at pvp
>he lets me into the guild
>middle of the night
>log in, steal all the shit in their guild storage
>probably worth millions and millions in in-game money, weeks of gathering items
>rare cards (think of upper tier runes in diablo 2)
>i go to sleep
>i don't play for a few days
>log back in on my real character
>hear second-hand that the guild basically self-destructed and the older brother apparently beat the shit out of younger and was now facing charges for child abuse (he was like 19 and his brother was 14)
>Phase 1 of my plan is complete
Part 2 Cont'd
>time for phase 2
>for about 2-3 weeks straight i have 8 bots running during the dead hours of the night
>i farm a rather expensive, yet easy to obtain item
>i have so much money it doesn't even fit on one account (billions of zeny)
>i begin to flood the market with money (it wasn't that big of a server, maybe 100 people during peak hours)
>zeny (in-game currency) becomes worthless
>people start quitting because the economy has switched to rare item drops from top-tier bosses
>only people with already top-level gear can farm these bosses
>as expected, they're the only ones left in the server after a while
>the server shuts down a month later
>my revenge is complete
>never will i be this satisfied with vengeance again
>mfw as i survey the damage i have caused

>wow private 255 level server in tbc era
>only a few hours old
>join up
>10th person to make an account
>admin gives me some super armor and shit
>gave the 10 first accounts one unique item each
>i got a tabard with loads of stats and most importantly
>3 meta gem slots
>put those great heal on hit gems in
>i hit so fast and the heal procs so much
>one month later
>admin decided that the gem is banned
>removes all meta gems from everyone
>people can finally be killed
>something glitched on me
>the 3 gems still work and i am the only one that can see them on my tabard
>keep this on the downlow and wear a different one
>one month anniversary party night
>admin ports everyone to the cthun room in uninstanced silithus
>massive 500 people rapefest
>whip out tabard
>go lvl 255 fist of the north star rogue with constant heals
>server populace raped
>admin raped
>feign ingnorance
>everyone was so butthurt the server had 15 people on it the next day

> Play an MMO
> Join top guild (who owns this castle thing)
> Guild leader PMS's and leaves
> I basically get defaulted to leader somehow
> discover glitch where I can crash a server and cause a short (2min or so rollback)
> the servers instantly come back up after you do it
> using a buddy system create a bunch of amazing gear (there was a random enchantment type system, so he'd try pieces, if they went we didnt do anything, if they failed i'd crash the server)
> gear ourselves up, then sell the rest and buy out the market so we can crash the economy later
> discover a glitch in which the tax money from the castle is over 100% (basically every week a % of money spent on stuff at NPC's is mailed to the castle owner. There was a way to make it over 100% which I did. Thus I could dump money into an NPC, and next week get more money, and do it over again for infinite exponentially growing cash)
> Economy is gone
> Im literally rolling in cash
> Everybody mad
> people try to take the castle from me
> everytime they got close id just crash the server again
> everyone starts to quit because of the constant crashes and broken economy

>Befriend Hank, the admin
>Convince him i'm a legit player
>Talk to him over mic, make fun of a player he dislikes
>He opens up, tells me he hates the shit out of him (the guy he hates is a popular player)
>Tell him i hate him too, and that he should be banned
>We talk some more and i push him towards giving me some gear to go grief the guy in a way that looks legit (car bombs, guns, ammo, molotov's, random shit)
>We raid the fuck out of him
>On other gmod rp servers i'm known as a really good raider so this isn't knew to me
>Kill 3 of his buddies in back rape, 4 of them in a 3 minute stand still
>lockpick his door, steal all his weed
>Burn all his props with molotov's
>The guy comes back, and gets out, i kill him and destroy his car (costs a lot of money to repair/respawn)
>The guy contacts hank about me RDM'ing him
>Tell Hank he NLR'd and was flaming me over OOC
>The guy holds me hostage at bank, tells me i owe him 20k and if i don't pay it then he'll get me banned
>Tell him to beg for it
>Admin is watching in noclip behind him
>kid rages hard and kills me
>I go back and taunt him
>He calls me a nigger and kills me again
>I go back and kill all of his friends in one massive rape massacre
>In this server you can pick up your enemies guns, i had a full inventory of these guys guns so i couldn't pick anymore up
>Burn them all instead
>They come back and QQ for 5 minutes about me being a bad player
>Admin bans them
>Ban reason: Admin disrespect, server disrespect, breaking nlr, flaming in ooc, rdm, cdm, saying nigger, and being a complete little fuck that i never liked
>Kids start QQ'ing more in OOC about their friend being banned and for the final reason, 10 people say they quit, the rest of the server slowly dies down.

>Join TF2 server
>Never played a game of it before in my life
>Have voice changing software (already sound like a girl)
>Join server, be all "SILLY BOISS"
>People start insulting me
>Admin starts defending me
>Bans what had to be at least 50 people from the server over the course of a few hours
>All of these people were long-time frequenters there
>Server is terribly crippled, eventually admin stops showing up
>Last post on the server's forums was about two weeks after I joined, and they were asking where everybody was

>playing WoW (I know, I got better)
>have a custom toolbar completely loaded with retarded trade chat and general text macros designed to derail everything
>shit like "RIP my old guildie barney, he died from a thc overdose from a used pot needle 1 year ago, luv u 4ever bro" Just like a constant rotation of 20+ trolltastic things like that.
>everytime I stopped into town I'd spam one or to and then go raid or whatever, most of the time I'd get back and people would STILL be going on about it
>my face

I used to be a bit of a dick in Eve Online.

I didn't care about ISK or kills or gear or turf, I lived for manipulation.

I used to spend weeks and months worming my way into organisations, but that was too easy, every corp had its spies and it's rogues.

I set about really trying to destablize regions, I had a couple of guys and we called ourselves the Free Miner Radio Club. We would look at a stable area of space and see what we could do to make it go tits up; a rumour here, some false flag stuff here, telling pirates where to hit folks, telling folks when the pirates were gonna hit, telling the pirates the folks knew, telling the folks the pirates knew the folks knew.

At one point, about five us were just sitting around cloaked watching a full scale fleet battle rage between two Alliances that had previously been pretty good allies, and we all just watched in silence, proud at what we had rendered. It was just so much more time and effort than just ripping off a corp or robbing them blind. The kind of satisfaction ISK or PLEX can't buy.

Good times, seems so long ago now.

>rp_evocity_v2 The one with the cave that crashes the whole fucking server
>immediately go check cave security
>multiple fences in the tunnel
>minge through with seats
>start running to the forest/cave
>invisible wall that kills you if you get too close to the cave
>whip out wiremod and build a fucking moon lander probe drone
>attach a camera to it
>line it up with the cave's entrance
>go to town
>stand in front of the bank with a TV screen
>admins are offline
>hold the server ransom for loadsamonay
>they give it all to me
>drive the probe into the cave and make them watch on the TV screen
>server connection timeout 39.00

>friend finds a shitty minecraft harry potter RP server
>bugs me to come join it and fuck with everyone
>after 10 minutes of him bugging me I decide to give it a go
>1-1 scale replica of fucking hogwarts, interiors and all
>first year
>50 people in that great hall thing
>millions of floating torches
>sorting hat
>sitting with bro and his brother in law at slytherin table
>he disconnects
>reconnects as admin
>worldedits every single torch on the map to become lava source blocks
>reconnects as Voldemort
>disconnect: server shutting down
>later that day
>castle is in fucking ruins, but admins are desperately cleaning it up
>eventually polite enough to gain admins trust, he gives me admin powers to rebuild the castle
>start rebuilding for a bit
>use /give 46 64 command on another person who was given admin to rebuild
>blow up a small section of the castle
>he gets banned
>toy around and pretend to repair it
>delete all the backups of the map
>hey, bro, check this out
>use worldedit to replace every single block in the castle with TNT
>light it
>server crashes near instantly
>rejoin 5 minutes later when its back up
>five square kilometers of bedrock
>coloncrumpled buttblistered pooperpeeved tushietroubled rearrammed admins
>/ban them all before they can do anything
>the server is hosted on a dedicated server that only one person had access to
>they were banned for a whole day before the admin came on and shut down the server forever

Video games

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Post by oaky on October 22nd 2014, 4:12 pm

i have this exact text file you sent me during the ec

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Post by alyaza on October 22nd 2014, 4:19 pm

yeah amsk8r sent it to me at some point

it's still great

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Post by alyaza on October 24th 2014, 5:57 pm

For a long time I've wanted to speak out, but I remained silent. I knew I'd be wasting my time- I knew you'd just laugh and block out my words as if that would make them any less valuable. But then I decided that I would not let myself be silenced by your ignorance, and that I would let my words flow with the wish that maybe, just maybe, someone out there will hear them, and maybe it will teach them how to keep an open mind and how to change for the better. Perhaps that person will be you. I doubt it though.

I have watched your tolerance. You've objectified women, devalued blacks, and given people suffering from mental diseases even more shit then they already have to deal with every day. Every second of every day, you're doing everything you can to devalue everyone of every single race and creed, in hopes that maybe you'll eventually make yourself superior to everyone else. But that will never happen. You will always be the trash that's been swept aside and now lies in its own domain, telling itself over and over that it's superior to everyone else.

Well I'm sick of it. I'm sick and tired of seeing your sick self-glorifying garbage. I'm sick of seeing the message of your own depraved intolerance spread all over all of my favorite forums. And while I know that, in the long run of things, I cannot judge you as I would like and I cannot stop you as I would hope, there is something or someone out there who is higher above you, superior to you in ways you can't even comprehend, and he knows that you are scum. A filthy, pathetic degenerate. And he laughs like he laughs at every old beggar, bringing cancer to this world in a desperate bid for attention.

And, in the end, its sad, really. It's sad to watch you sit here, unaware that your life is slowly wasting away. It's sad to know that society has rejected your intolerance, and it's sad to see you reject society itself, gaining social interaction the only way you know- conflict. Or at least, it should be. But there's too many- hatred and conflict is just too ingrained in our species. Society has come to reject itself- and the only interaction left is conflict and hatred. I know, deep inside, that you're just another one of it's victims.

Deep down, I want to hate you. I want to join in the conflict against you as brothers separated by war. But I can't. I wish I could say it was because I didn't want to stoop to your level... but in reality, I'm just tired. So, so tired. Tired of seeing your hatred, your spite, and your intolerance envelop once happy communities in conflict and hatred. I would say that you do not realize that some people are not like you... but I know you do. And you hate that fact. You just hate, hate, hate the fact that some people out in the world aren't exact replicas of you, and you're doing anything you can to shame anyone who doesn't resemble you.

Well I have something to tell you. It's not going to work. Everyone is unique in their own special way, and if everyone was the same- especially if they all became filthy attention whores and warmongers like you- the world would be destroyed in an instant. And that's what you want, isn't it? To just float, alone in the void, without any sort of social contact or interaction... and to just. feel. superior. It's all you need, isn't it? It seems like such a simple goal, it seems... but unfortunately for you that is not the case.

You have a life to live, and this is not your choice. You cannot live it devoid of social interaction, or devoid of meeting people who are superior to you. You cannot live it here, online, prancing about spreading hatred and intolerance wherever you go. And you cannot change a thing.

I am not trying to control you- I'm just warning you that someday, somehow, you will be broken. Your pitiful illusions of life and superiority will crumble before you, and it will devastate you. But don't fear it, when it comes- for it means there is still hope for you yet.

You should thank me, you know. I'm doing you a favor here, just by bothering to set my sights on your pitiful excuse for a forum, to even bother discussing your shortcomings and to waste MY time in the life I live so that I can tell you how you're not living yours. But you're not going to thank me, or hear me, or change. I bet you haven't even read this far- I bet you just scrolled down, and pointed and laughed, patting yourself on the back for getting the attention you so crave.

It baffles me, though. How do you, in your right mind, pride yourself for an act the value of which you do not understand or even care about? I don't even know why I'm writing this- I could say literally anything and you'll only pride yourself because you have, after so many years, managed to get some droplet of attention, managed to get one person out of thousands to acknowledge your existence... and it's, purely and truly, sickening.

It's sickening to see people like you devote their entire lives to getting attention from others through campaigns of terrorism and intolerance. It's utterly sickening to watch you devalue and discriminate against every other race and creed in order to make yourself feel special, to feel superior to everyone else. And it is, in the end, sad to know that you will never get what you're looking for, but you will destroy many lives while trying.

And so here we go again. I make a valid claim, and you sweep it under the rug with a guffaw. An endless match of one side making points and the other side desperately clutching it's own ears in a desperate attempt to not learn anything, and not have to be challenged or changed.

And in the end we will both pity each other, for being blind when the truth is in plain sight.

You make me sick.

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