I wonder how far a chuck lorre show would go without a laugh track

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I wonder how far a chuck lorre show would go without a laugh track

Post by Mac B on October 15th 2015, 8:33 pm

seriously take away that then they're either depressing or insanely boring
2 + 1/2 men - immaculate man and his son gets unfairly divorced and is forced and must mooch off his alcoholic womanizing brother, unable to hold a job or woman and is nonetheless forced to pay alimony. also their mom was abusive or some shit

bong dong theory:
scientist exclusive to s circle of 3 other friends, one his roommate that is evidently literally autistic (i know it must be confusing with that word being hot vocabulary here ) all partake in the utmost stereotypical nerdy shit (WoW, star trek or wars, comic books, etc. ) falls over a dumb blonde bitch and enters into a neverending quest of trying to fuck her, which is usually unrequited and in the circumstances that is are described in negative connotation or outright horrendous such as a marriage proposal during intercourse

Mile and molly:
Fat cop with abusive mommy adheres to natural selection as he chooses a mate of his structure and has wacky boring antics with his in-laws and two black friends

Anger Management; 2 1/2 men 2, Charlie Sheen strikes back!;
Same character but with a twist as a psychiatrist with
-a gold digger
-an old fuck
-flamboyant faggot
-other random fucks that no one cares about

seriously, watch any of these shows without that "chuck-cant-go-a-minute-without-that" laugh track and it just fucking awful
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