the /game plans/

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the /game plans/

Post by Mac B on April 21st 2015, 5:35 pm

with the billy game finished and third world countries being blown apart as we speak, mac b
immediately begun work on a new sideproject, Racism Rampage
the gist of the game is you play as Moon Man out to destroy all modern minorities steering america away from itself (kikes, dykes, niggers n noggers, transies and homos, etc.) with the game ending with moon man destroying precedent obongo, to sum it up. nato military might also the Kinder Egg Man Mascot is in it.
ill extend upon it later
got my main man rogue goltar wekkin the graphx so far:

afterwards, i will make skeleton war, which has been in the notebook for a while, which im splitting my 100% effort 50/50 to make the two.
i got a shit ton more of ideas i intend to execute afterwards.

i will use this thread to lay out their blueprints and jott-downs

and if any other nogg wantin to make a game id be happy to help
Mac B

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